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Kit's description

Creatine is an endogenous compound whose function is to maintain a high ATP/ADP ratio, by way of its phosphorylated form and creatine kinase. Creatine supplementation has been used in the treatment of muscular, neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as a sport performance enhancer. Detection of creatine level has wide applications in research and development. BioVision’s Creatine Assay Kit provides an accurate, convenient measure of creatine in a variety of biological samples. In the assay, creatine is enzymatically converted to sarcosine which is then specifically oxidized to generate a product that converts a colorless probe to an intensely red color (λmax = 570 nm), and highly fluorescent (Ex/Em = 538/587 nm) product. Creatine is therefore easily detected by either colorimetric or fluorometric methods. Detection range 0.001 – 10 mM Creatine.


• Detection method: Absorbance (570 nm) or Fluorescence (Ex/Em 535/587 nm) • Species reactivity: Mammalian • Applications:The kit can detect 0.001 – 10 mM Creatine.

Kit's benefits

• Simple procedure; takes ~ 1 hour • Fast and convenient • Kit contains all necessary reagents for accurate measurement of Creatine


• Creatine Assay Buffer • Creatine Probe • DMSO (Anhydrous) • Creatinase • Creatine Enzyme mix • Creatine Standard (10 µmol)

Samples tested

Cell and tissue culture supernatants, urine, plasma and serum, as well as many other biological fluids


Colorimetric assays or detection use UV absorption or enzymatic color reaction.


Biovision supplies other types of Assays as 1.

Species reactivity

see datasheet

Maximum time can be stored

12 months



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gel pack



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